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Connectors and wiring harness processing industry brands gathered in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in December

Time: 2016-06-17 View: 2059
As China´s manufacturing industry is more and more developed, the industry demand for connector products also more and more, connectors in all areas of manufacturing industry is an indispensable component, the connector quality requirements are increasingly high, not only to small, also the requirements of precision and perfect, only the connector production to meet the needs in order to get better development. Wire processing equipment industry also is developing at a high speed, in electronic and electrical appliances, auto appliance, aerospace and other industries will use wire processing equipment, after industrialization, to harness the processing will present more high requirements.
2016 China International connectors, cables and wiring harness processing equipment exhibition will 2016 December 07, 09, in Shenzhen Convention and exhibition center with "Shenzhen International Industrial automation and robot exhibition" exhibition held over the same period, the common interpretation of Chinese and global industrial connection technology application field of the top level event. In this year´s exhibition will be lacking from many from Japan, Germany, the United States and other international brands and enterprises in Taiwan to Taiwan Pavilion in the exhibition on display, the exhibition to "industrial wisdom, connecting the future" as the theme, to connectors, cables, wiring harness and processing technology and equipment for the strong display section, will be held over the same period "in the second session of the Chinese intelligent manufacturing innovation and Development Forum", then a high-quality industry event will portrait showing.
The same period will be organized by the "ARE 2016" is a well-known exhibition of industrial automation manufacturing industry focused on the demonstration of automation products and machinery and equipment. "ICH 2016" and its powerful combination of in-depth integration, to further meet the industrial manufacturing sector in the field of connectors and wiring harness cable products diversified needs. This exhibition aims to build a bridge for the majority of manufacturers and end customers to exchange and communication, but also the best platform for corporate image display, brand promotion, business cooperation. According to 2015 exhibition statistics, the show attracted nearly 22000 from at home and abroad to many countries and regions all manufacturing enterprises high-end buyers, covering robot industries, machinery and equipment, automation control, locomotive electronic, electric power, aerospace, instrumentation, communications, electrical appliances, new energy, medical equipment and other fields. Exhibitors to participate in this exhibition can be very convenient and efficient access to sales leads, promote new products, establish a corporate brand image and further enhance the competitive advantage of the market.
Display products have:
1, connector, connector, terminal connector, waterproof connector, explosion-proof connector, wire connectors, circular connectors, cable connector, RF coaxial connector, rectangular connector, optical fiber connector, audio connectors, household appliances, electronic connectors, military connector connector, electric connector, connector, special industrial connectors, printed circuit connector, connector plug;, switch, socket, terminal, toggle switch, rocker switch, button switch, micro switch, rotary switch, keyboard switch, terminal, connector contactor, silicone keypad, IC sockets, pins, pin and pin connector assembly, electronic switch equipment, silver riveting machine etc..
2, wire, wire and cable, fiber optic cable, electronic wire, cable accessories, cable accessories, wire rod production and purification machinery and cable processing equipment, cable and wire machine, fasteners and springs manufacturing and finishing machinery, processing equipment, auxiliary materials, electric wire cable / fiber optic cable materials, measurement and control technology and engineering testing related fields
3 wiring and wiring devices: terminals, an insulating sheath, a conductor and an insulating wrapping materials such as; electronic wire, power line, audio and video lines, computer peripheral cable, car in the rebel head line, wire, wire and cable, electromagnetic wire, cable, line of sight, high temperature resisting wire etc.; nylon cable tie, wiring groove, wiring, terminals, terminal blocks, wire clasp, wire fixed head and a fixing seat wiring equipment.
Machining equipment: wire cutting wire twisting machine, tangent, punch, integrated wiring harness manufacturing system, crimping mold base, terminal mold, length measurement meter, terminal pressure machine, the end of the wire processing equipment, cutting tube machine, terminal machine, injection molding machine, computer stripping machine, electrical equipment testing machine, terminal crimping machine, stripping and terminal crimping machine, cutting machine, riveting machine, line processor, terminal hardware products testing equipment, automatic wire processing equipment, wiring harness tester, plug tester, terminal section tester, peel strength testing instrument, wire and related accessories.