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Opportunities and challenges for the development of connectors in 2016

Time: 2016-06-17 View: 2439
When it comes to 2015, "connection" will be an important word. Whether it is "Chinese manufacturing 2025", "4 industry", or we often mention "Internet plus" and the "Internet of things", hope to achieve all connected devices and equipment, equipment and human connection, and the connection and data, all of which need to play a huge connector the role of.
Connector, as a key component of the current or signal connection, is also an important part of the industrial system. Big to the aircraft, rockets, small to mobile phones, TV, connectors in a variety of different forms, the bridge between the circuit or other components, bear the role of the current or signal connection. Connector industry sales increased to $52 billion 900 million in 2015, in 2014 from the prediction of the major industry organizations are still optimistic about the trend. From the development trend of the 2015 connector, which is worthy of attention and is particularly worth seeing?
Automobile new energy and electronic drive automobile connector demand growth
With Tesla electric vehicles continue to be popular, the Internet enterprise collective influx and new technology for the impact of the traditional auto industry is accelerating change in the automobile industry. Now the car is not only a vehicle, when combined with environmental protection and energy saving and intelligent entertainment these fresh vocabulary with the car, but also indirectly help connector has brought new opportunities for development.
Ten years ago, the average cost of automotive electronic equipment accounted for about 1/5 of total manufacturing costs. To this day, the figure jumped to 35% to 30%, or even higher. Automobile manufacturing Shangdu consciousness to use electronic devices to achieve vehicle difference brought about by the value of: car buyers want high-end vehicle information entertainment systems, security features and other features gradually become the standard configuration of the new model.
Survey data show that from 2009 to 2014, automotive connector market years compound growth rate increased by 11% and reached nearly $12 billion of market value, is expected to the automobile connector output will be in 2019 more than $160 billion, and maintain 7% compound annual growth rate.
New energy automotive industry, although after twists and turns, but is still the trend! However, traditional connector device is difficult to meet the requirements of the high current, high voltage, so the connector manufacturers also are in the layout for new energy automobile power connection products and to ranked first in the world of te connectivity, for example: the launch of the hyperbaric connector solutions of a series of innovative products and MSD switch in high voltage maintenance, HVP800 high voltage and large current 250A and EVC Contactors contactor. New demand for the automotive industry, is to bring more stringent requirements of the traditional connector manufacturers, but it is precisely these new power will stimulate the automotive connector Market in the future continue to go high.
Don´t forget the, car market also a popular and cutting-edge technology -- unmanned or autonomous driving after te connectivity executive vice president and chief technology officer rob shaddock in interviews with the media has said that unmanned implementation requires at least 5 years time. But te and more connector manufacturers have been in and numerous smart car manufacturers expand the depth of cooperation, after all, when a new hot spot for the industry really come into people´s life, who do not want to miss the opportunity, the future of the automobile connector market let us wait and see.
Type-C USB into the field of Consumer Electronics Connector new kinetic energy
If you carefully review the 2015 major consumer electronics manufacturers of new products, will find a new selling point will almost be repeated use, that is: equipped with Type-C USB interface. To allow users to have a better convenience and USB type-C is for mobile device connector shape design of the new appearance specifications, design concept mainly to achieve allows the user to positive and negative all connection function, volume is smaller than the current micro B, and can according to the functional requirements of different manufacturers, collocation usb3.1 or USB-PD2.0 functions.

Compared to the rise of Type-C USB this year, in fact, the layout of the connector manufacturers in R & D has been completed very early. For example connector leading manufacturers JAE as early as June this year, on the fast track to launch the next generation USB standard (Type-C USB) standard connector plug and socket, and began to market sales. More important is that Jae personally involved in the design of USB type-C standardized connector, with many years of design technology of high precision miniature connector and high-speed transmission design technology developed has excellent EMI / EMC characteristics and sufficient mechanical strength, resistance to life good lock mechanism characteristics of USB type-C connector. With this year a few hot mobile devices are using the Type-C USB technology, is expected in 2016 this specification will gradually become the mainstream of the industry, but also will bring a big new growth point for the connector market.

And promote the rise of Type-C USB is that the development trend of consumer electronics light and thin. As the size becomes smaller and smaller, the power consumption of these devices is also rising, but also to deal with the growing amount of information and data. There is no doubt that manufacturers are facing a serious challenge in how to better achieve the wireless charging and data transmission of the device. Small size, high performance device for connector suppliers also put forward corresponding requirements, connector products must be in the limited space make more precise function and different products, equipment manufacturers to save space add more new functional devices. For the current point of view to achieve a small size, in addition to the very fine connector, but also faces the other two major challenges: cooling and mechanical stability. No one would like to see that other electronic components are damaged due to the overheating of the connector. And these will become the 2016 connector manufacturers need to solve the problem.