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Car connector plays in the field of Electronics role

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It is a bridge connecting circuit, is the core parts of the automobilecircuit, to dredge the circuit, is connected to the current role in automobile. The essential part is the automobile connector, almost everyproject personnel must come into contact with it. It is in the form ofgeneral also each are not identical, if according to the type ofdivision, usually the shape and frequency as the basis.

Automotive connector

Components of automotive connectors are mainly the following: one is thecontact, it is one of the key parts. Two, the housing, the connector is fixed up to help. Three, insulation to ensure the insulating core and shell. Four is the attachment, help equipment installation.

Due to the continuous development of society, changes constantly all theparts of the car, all the equipment is advanced, automotive connectorsare also going precision, to conform to the development needs of science and technology. Therefore, the reliability requirements of the componentmaterials at present, must have the anti corrosion and heat resistantability is very good; current stability; temperature should be controlled in a certain range, the design and specification of it and puts forward some requirements. At the same time, it is stable and reliable and canensure the safety of driving a car, because once the connector failure,the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Connector test which is an extremely important link, through its appearance, quality andstability test, approved the feasibility and reliability of components,consumers and businesses can rest assured to buy.

Application of connectors are widely, currently, automotive connectorswith very strong market potential. As the core parts in the automobile,it occupy a certain market share. Domestic and foreign companies haveproduction base will be moved to the home, a description of the parts in our country a bright future. It also has the trend of increase, such asmanufacturing process, improve production efficiency, more precise and intelligent, to guarantee the quality and level of it, and will be morewidely used in the production and life. Also very important to select a right connector, first of all to put quality in the first place, only good quality parts to safeguard. Secondly, choose a high level of product, then must consider its function, give priority to the connectorcan represent the industry leading level. The final price should beaffordable, quality assurance and reliability have solid.