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Spring type terminals, greatly promoted the development of rail transportation

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No matter which field traffic equipment all have common characteristics,extreme environment affects the components of the application. The basic requirements of the transportation equipment components is reliability and maintenance free durable. Cage clamp structure is composed ofstainless steel spring cleaning and electrolytic copper formed the structure of complementary advantages, the structure of the electrical connection with excellent anti vibration and impact resistance, even in extreme environmental conditions, but also can ensure the reliability andsafety. At the same time, processing and testing product qualitymaterial, strict further ensures reliable electrical connection, trulydurable maintenance free.

Spring type wiring terminal

Spring type wiring terminal

Since 1977, the invention of a "terminal cage clamp structure", this kind of electrical connection technology is widely recognized in the railindustry. In 1978, the German railway passenger train is applied to low-voltage electrical cabinet, power and lighting system.

Connector and electronic interface module and a series of product safetyoperation in the world railway and rail transit system in all aspects,including, locomotive, passenger train, train, the railway signal and the station equipment etc..

Innovative and reliable products is the key to the rapid development inrailway and rail transit industry. The first is to combine the terminals and the plug body X-COM system applied to the locomotive, solves thesmall wiring problems of slow; but also provides the X-COM system of MINIfurther, the thickness of only 3.5mm, solves the problem of wiring of EMU drivers. New structure and new technology, continue to follow the modernrail transportation, and in the same industry first obtained is acknowledged by many large railway equipment producers and the requirements of IRIS certification.