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The connector industry of the Shenzhou ten - China connector network accumulate steadily

Time: 2016-06-17 View: 2123
On June 11, 2013, "Shenzhou 10" in the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launch, which is worth to let the Chinese people miss the day, a blink of an eye a month later, the God ten bring pride and excitement also buzzing. "Shenzhou ten" the successful launch, the Chinese people in the exploration of the unknown universe of dreams and practice has opened a new page, a landmark significance. And in the connector market also have the potential to such a ship God ten, eight years to accumulate, and constantly improve the innovation, and strive to achieve high-precision special, opened a Chinese connector market the Roman road, and the strength of the aspirations of the deserved belongs to China connector.
In the past 20 years, Chinese connector market average annual growth rate of about 37% of the rapid development, in the connector market competition is so fierce, if there is no strong professional as a prerequisite is difficult in China´s large market renews, ranking leader position. Since its founding in 2005, China has been adhering to the connector network connection business opportunities, promote the business philosophy, in the field of professional do professional things. From the series of the brand, to refine the categories of gill row parent series, Jane cattle horn series, automotive connectors, hardware, terminal, wire harness cable, also include communication connector, automation equipment and so on. China´s network of connectors and a large supply of supply groups, the country´s top electronics companies and professional link area companies. Combining the strengths of the long-term cooperation, making China connector continuously strengthen of its brand awareness of service, different brands of business continues to improve, to extend and expand the exchange platform for the industry and trade platform, to achieve the accurate docking of supply and demand.
Today, the Internet has penetrated into everyday life, a variety of information overwhelming, varied, often from the vast amount of information to find their own needs. China connector of a network of professional B2B connector business platform continues to mature and perfect. It is reported that the annual connector in China looking for cooperation opportunities connector manufacturer and dealer has become the main players in the market, which for the consumer is also a kind of welfare. He didn´t have to waste energy to every company to understand the products, as long as gently a bit, you can meet their information on the goods to understand the needs, whether it is information retrieval, or for a wide variety of goods contrast, connector in China with the fastest speed to find the answer.
As we all know, the average annual growth rate of the connector in the Chinese market, is the highest level in the world. All this is the use of the Internet platform, but also the continuous improvement of China´s connector network results, to be able to do the same kind of leader. In the era of globalization, Chinese connector will be like eleven gods like off the blue sky, let the world attention.